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Price increases in the hotel industry - Calculation and communication
The bad news never stops Inflation, staff shortages, rising energy prices there is no end to the challenging times in the hotel industry.
Published Nov 29, 2022
Increasing revenue regardless of price increases
Never more needed than at the moment: increases in revenue to at least cover inflation and the rising food, energy and personnel costs that go along with it. But what strategies are available to hotels besides raising prices? We have summarized some examples:
Published Oct 13, 2022
Forecasting in volatile times
Ash cloud, more and more supply through more and more hotels with constant demand, Covid crisis, Ukraine war, energy crisis, staff shortages - the last few years have been turbulent, the coming years will remain turbulent. But how can you create reliable forecasts in these times?
Published Aug 1, 2022
Customer Centric Pricing in the Hotel Industry - The End of Market Segments?
Who doesn't know them - market segments in the hotel industry. But are they still up to date? Or perhaps they are too imprecise? But what are the alternatives? In this article, we try to give you an understanding of the concept of buyer personas.
Published Apr 4, 2022
Tool v2 teaser
Our new tool will have complete redesign and will be rebuilt from the ground up
Published Mar 17, 2022
8 Tips To Increase Direct Bookings
During the pandemic, hotels saw an increase in direct bookings. However, a large proportion of online bookings still come through online travel agencies. So how can direct bookings be increased?
Published Mar 16, 2022
New year, new us
We've launched a new website, migrated our system to be more performant and have layed out the groundwork roadmap for version 2 of our Tool.
Published Jan 31, 2022

All. In. One.

A system that encompasses all areas of your hotel intelligence and revenue management workflows.

Revenue management

Adjust your room rates by comparing them to your competitiors and drag-and-drop them to your liking, directly in our system. Everything else will be handled by us.

Business intelligence

Identify vital information about your competitors and their standing to yours. Find errors in your configuration and analyze trends to have an edge over your compset.

Web & E-commerce

Analyze your web standing and website user impressions. Being directly connected to Google Analytics, we can gather your data, and itegrate it into our system, enabling an unseen level of data analytics.

Online reputation

Find all reviews of your hotel in one area. We analyze those reviews and telly you what guests liked, and what they disliked. Answer reviews directly from our system, without having to go to the specific OTA.

Our Suite

Built from the ground up to support your specific needs

fully Modular,
fully Customizable

With our fully modular approach we allow you to completely configure your package to your choosing, enabling you the most flexibility for your hotel management.

We offer six different modules, that you can coose for your hotel. Each module offers different functionality, but can consume data from other modules.

Hotellistat tool dashboard mockup

The Tool

Your everyday companion

A simple, yet powerful interface

Tired of all those systems with outdated ideas of what an efficient tool should look like?

We have taken good care that what we create is easily usable so that you can get work done when you want to, as quickly as you want to, without having to learn whole new paradigms.

Hotellistat tool dashboard mockup

Clear hierarchy

Our tool is build up with a clear page hierarchy, enabling you to find what you need which as little clicks a possible.

Intuitive visualization

Our data visualization pipeline is made to be understood, not to confuse you. Thus we take great pride in how we display our data.

Modular structure

Depending on your package, the tool will display your data in a modular structure, showing you only what you want. Customize your dashboard to your preference.

Full mobile support

Access our tool on the go, without being restricted in features. Everyting you can do on your desktop, you can also do on your mobile phone.
By the numbers

We have gained a lot of traction these past years

Many hotels have chosen us over our competitors, in part of our features, but also because of our personal touch and our vision.

Let the numbers speak for themselves!


Hotels trust us




Prices in our system


Ok enough marketing talk, let our customers speak for themselves and you'll find that all of them are delighted by our system.
As will you be!

Michael Heim

Owner and General Manager - Kemnater Hof

Working with Hotellistat makes our daily life easy and we increased our revenue from the first day. Our daily pricing routine now only takes a couple of minutes, and the 2-way connection to our PMS transfers the data to our distribution system. We cannot imagine an easier solution than Hotellistat!

Jennifer Seeckt

Vertrieb & Guest Relation

We at the LINDEMANN HOTELS® have been working with Hotellistat for a year now. We are thrilled to have found an RMS system that we can trust due to its transparency. Continuous development and a close connection to each other have made the system perfect for us.

Richard Bedenham

Online Revenue Manager - Louis Hotels

We at Louis Hotels (Greece & Cyprus) were looking for a flexible, innovative, adaptable revenue management system and that is what Hotellistat consistently deliver us. We have already streamlined multiple workflows, and feel the benefits of an integrated fresh approach. Highly recommended.

Hans Arno Sonderfeld

Geschäftsführer mk | hotels

We the mk | hotels group with 13 Hotels have been working with Hotellistat for over one year now. The good collaboration on this project has increased our in-depth knowledge about our data and performance of our hotels. The good cooperation has led to improvements on our reporting and daily overviews.


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So if you have any questions, we're here for you. A representative will get in touch shortly.

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