Key benefits at a glance

  1. Integrated own rateshopper: Real-time market data thanks to live updates
  2. Three ways for your pricing: manual, semi- or fully automated
  3. Drag & Drop: Visual pricing directly in the rateshopper and PMS data overview
  4. Multiple competitor sets: Regional and/or international competitor monitoring
  5. Holiday density of all main markets

Not everyone works the same way. That's why we take an agile approach to address your specific processes. You can choose between manual, semi-automated or fully automated pricing.

Price changes made easy

The price changes made in Hotellistat are automatically transferred to your PMS every hour or updated live at the push of a button. Easily set restrictions, monitor the density of holidays and vacations from your core markets and keep an eye on your availability.

Manual pricing with visual price management

Use the visual price editor to manually adjust your prices by drag & drop directly in comparison to your competitors in the RateShopping diagram. (Video/ GIF from visual pricing)

Create your own strategies

Use our automated, dynamic AI ARIS to easily create your own pricing strategies with if-then functions. You can link these to different factors such as occupancy, weather, seasonality, rate code, forecast and many more. ARIS can then send the strategies to the PMS every hour or you can confirm the strategies and the associated prices at the push of a button.

ARIS AI price recommendations

Let our AI ARIS recommend your optimal prices for each day.

As an essential part of this module, Hotellistat offers its own rate shopper for the competitive market analysis of your hotels. In this way, market strategies can also be compared with your own pricing strategies.

ARIS continuously analyzes market changes, sets the best prices for each day and increases your sales based on well-founded internal and external real-time data.

Manage each of your rate codes

Hotellistat allows you to yield and manage any rate code from your PMS. Set up strategies for each rate code and automate the prices or restrictions at the property level or room category level.

Discover the flexibility you need to optimize your pricing strategy with Hotellistat Pricing. Decide for yourself whether manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic - Hotellistat gives you control over your pricing!

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