Key benefits at a glance

  1. Tailor-made answers: Authentic, meaningful and targeted AI-generated answers in the tone of the house and the guest's native language.
  2. Improved engagement: The higher response rate leads to a higher ranking on the review platforms and therefore more revenue.
  3. Time savings: Quickly create and send answers through the seamless integration with the review platforms. Fully automated if desired.
  4. Increased guest loyalty: Be up to date in real time on the latest reviews and your guests' perceptions.
  5. Cross-departmental communication: Send guest reviews internally to colleagues in order to be able to take direct, appropriate measures to increase guest loyalty.

Your reputation - your investment

With the well-thought-out all-in-one system, you not only maximize your bookings and sales, but also increase customer loyalty and satisfaction of your guests, while at the same time reducing your costs for guest communication.

Hotellistat has integrations with numerous review platforms, including Google, Expedia, Tripadvisor,, HRS, Holidaycheck, This allows you to view, evaluate and respond to all guest reviews in one place.

Thanks to the latest AI models, the automated review system is able to generate human-like responses to reviews. The system is so advanced that it is impossible to distinguish between the responses written by a human. In addition, the hotel can decide in which language and tone the artificial intelligence should respond to guest reviews. Thanks to the quick and precise responses, you can concentrate on offering your customers exceptional experiences in the hotel while leaving the time-consuming task to the AI.

With the reputation module, you can keep an eye on not only your own reviews, but also those of your competitors. The keyword comparison allows you to compare the performance of the various departments of your hotel with those of your competitors and to use the hotel's own USP (unique selling points) for marketing purposes.

Here you have the opportunity to see for yourself how much time you save and how much you can get tailored answers.

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