Dashboard & InsightFeed

Dashboard & InsightFeed

Key benefits at a glance

  1. Everything in one place: All relevant figures, data and facts from over 1000 data streams at a glance.
  2. Customized for each user: From detailed insights into the performance of individual operations to complete overviews of different companies and time periods, everything is covered.
  3. 70+ widgets: Choose graphics and KPI's from all your modules.
  4. InsightFeed: Push notifications so you never miss a thing.

The Hotellistat dashboard is not just a platform - it is your personal command center for comprehensive hotel analyses. With over 70 widgets, you can get an overview of different areas of your hotel, region or entire hotel chain in just a few seconds.

Every employee who works with Hotellistat can put together their own individual dashboard to always have the information that is relevant to them at a glance.

We collect and process a wealth of data for you from various sources, including:

  • Market data
  • PMS data
  • Event data
  • Competitor prices
  • Weather data
  • Holiday and public holiday density
  • and much more!

This comprehensive data analysis enables us to offer you not only an insight into your hotel, but also into the entire market.

Individual dashboards

With the Hotellistat dashboard, you have full control. Create and design as many dashboards as you like according to your individual needs. Add widgets, tables and charts to get a customized insight into all the key performance indicators that are important to you.

Versatile widgets for in-depth analysis

Benefit from widgets like the "Pick-up Widget" to track daily reservations in your hotel. Use widgets for all important KPIs of your hotel, such as ADR, revenue, RevPar, NPS Score, occupancy and more. Keep an eye on the status of hotel reviews to understand how your guests rate your hotel. Understand in one widget which room categories are booked by which customer segment. Use the weather forecast widget to get an overview of the next few days - and much more.

InsightFeed for immediate insights

The additional InsightFeed allows you to get a chronological overview of all system events and changes. Create individual reports and always stay up to date with current developments in your hotel.

Discover the power and versatility of our new dashboard and InsightFeed - everything you need in one place!

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