Automated Revenue Intelligence System

Automated Revenue Intelligence System

Key benefits at a glance

  1. Based on the latest AI models
  2. AI-supported price recommendations: Accurate pricing thanks to over 1000 data features
  3. Individual strategies: Create optimal strategies for your hotel and automatically update your prices accordingly.
  4. Extensive automation within our modules
  5. Seasonal price adjustments possible

All functions at a glance

ARIS, the Automated Revenue Intelligence System, is not just a data-driven, dynamic pricing tool – it is your unbeatable advantage in revenue management. ARIS not only provides price recommendations at the property or room category level in real time but also allows you to develop customized pricing strategies.

By applying many artificial intelligence (AI) models, ARIS goes further by always suggesting the best hotel prices. This AI-powered dynamic pricing engine analyzes a vast array of data streams, including market behaviour, and provides clear price recommendations. Additionally, you can evaluate and adjust your pricing strategies hourly.

Through transparent explanations and comprehensive data insights, you receive easily understandable decisions and recommendations.

How does strategy development work in Hotellistat?

Create strategies that are precisely tailored to the needs of your hotel. You can include factors such as seasonality, weather, competitor prices, occupancy, booking channels, and much more. The strategies are based on the clear "if, then" principle. For example: "If my hotel's occupancy is 80%, then ARIS should close the standard room categories on the OTA's to minimize commissions but maintain visibility." This way, you remain visible in more expensive room categories and bookable through more profitable channels.

Why should you use ARIS?

ARIS combines over 1000 data points – from holiday density to competitor prices to events and weather data. This gives you an unparalleled advantage in the market. Create individual pricing strategies, define an upload schedule if needed, and let ARIS automatically calculate recommendations for precise forecasts.

Transparency at all levels

Gain more clarity about why and on what data basis prices are decided. Discover the advantages and experience the unique performance. Schedule a demo today and control your prices like never before. Maximize your revenue through data-driven decisions, individual hotel strategies, advanced algorithms, and seamless PMS integration.

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