The System

The system consists of multiple modules, which cover the respective digital divisions of a hotel. Hotels also can individually select the modules they need. It is also possible to give different access rights to different users.


Overview about all modules and information: price parity, pickup, positioning, reputation, intelligent alerts - all at a glance!


Check if your rates are in parity!

Automated alerts

Set up intelligent alerts and keep an overview about strategic changes of your competitors!

Online reviews

Check your positioning and compare it to your competitors at a glance!

Rate overview

Pull live rates of your hotel and your competitors instantly and see where you stand!
Connect your PMS directly to Hotellistat and adjust your rates and restictions directly in the chart!

Filter and comparison

Benefit from never been there comparison possibilities: Prices per room type, length of stay, cancellation policies, package options, occupancy levels and many more!

Scroll and zoom

Don't wait for the next month to update - simply zap through the whole year!


Business Intelligence

Analyze all data of your market. Dive deep and save time with automated analysis!

Rate structure

Analyse the rate structure of your competitors and see promotions at a glance!

Cancellation policy check

Check all cancellation policies and periods of all channels and compare yourself with your competitors!

Strategy check and error alerts

Let the computer perform a sensitivity check of your rates and get notified if something is wrong! Is a suite less expensive than a room?

Reputation analytics

See your online reputation at a glance: Tripadvisor, Holiday Check,, Expedia,... and many more!

Ranking within your compset

See your positioning in the market and track your quality development!

Semantic analysis

Dig deeper and analyse your reviews: How is your restaurant or your spa performing?


Data integration

Integrate your own statistics and occupancy levels into the system - skip switching between systems to do your rates. And everything without interfaces or major IT installations!

Benchmark reports

Import benchmarkt reports (e.g. STR, Fairmas,....) and track your development or perform historical analysis!

Own reports

Integrate your own or special reports and let them be processed automatically!

Social Media

Analyse posts, likes and statistics of your social channels and compare to your competitive set!

Competitor comparison

Analyse intersections between the hotels in your competitive set!

Intelligent alerts

No time to observe all competitors manually? We deliver automated analysis exactly adjusted to your setup and citeria you are interested in!


Web& E-Commerce

Connect Hotellistat to your Google Analytics! Get insights and easy access into relevant information and performance of your website!

Ideal for meetings

Present all figures at a glance, in one system! This saves time and money!

... and much more!

Regional overview

As a regional director you can compare your hotels or see accumulated chain overviews!

Special reports

We create any special report or integrate any data you want! Just let us know!

Asset Management / Destinationsanalytics

Order market reports and insights for your investment! Contact us for an individual offer!