What is Hotellistat?

Hotellistat provides a
Revenue-, Market- & Business Intelligence system (RMB-system)
to optimize hotel‘s revenue generation with a strategic approach outbeating competitors.

Starting with simple price charts up to complex positioning analytics you get information in the fields:
pricing, business intelligence, reputation, social media and web&e-commerce.
Modern big data analytics of your hotel market allow you to find the ideal pricing and market positioning of your hotel!

But that's not all!

With Hotellistat you can simply adjust your prices directly via drag and drop online and even set restrictions! Even better: Check out the competition, your pickup and your current on the books values to take an easy decision!
We call it:


Hotelmarket overview

Hotellistat shows you real time prices of your hotel market: lowest rates which can be filtered by length of stay, price changes, room type and occupancy, cancellation policies and package options.

Business Intelligence

Let the computer do the work and benefit from real "Business Intelligence"! See price integrity, rate structures and cancellation policies of your hotel and your competitors at a glance!

Data tailormade

Let the computer generate tailormade alerts for you: Are prices dropping? Are rooms sold out, or is the early booker rate getting closed? Are there differences in the cancellation policies?

Hotellistat logo
Review analytics

The best price is useless if the guest books another hotel! Compare your online reputation with your competitors!

Data integration

We can integrate your custom made reports or any other data: PMS, benchmark (e.g. Fairmas,...) or your own custom reports (Excel, CSV, PDF,... you name it)!

Tailormade consulting

You want to dig deeper and need an analysis of your hotel distribution, revenue management, data analysis, SEO, SEM or Web&E-Commerce? We offer 35 years of combined expertise! Contact us for an analysis of your hotel performance!