Apaleo is a cloud-based Property Management System (PMS) with an intuitive user interface. The Apaleo PMS system offers an open architecture and flexible integration capabilities, allowing hotels to streamline their processes by easily connecting with a wide range of third-party systems. Through Apaleo’S PMS solution hoteliers can effortlessly sell different types of inventory: long-term stays, rooms, meetings, beds, parking, and more.


  • Statistics are imported on a reservation and folio level
  • Time frame into the future: 2 years (by definition)
  • Import of data: hourly
  • Push back of prices and restrictions to Apaleo: hourly automated & on demand
  • Available data details:
    • House Level
    • Room Type Level
    • Market Segments (per definition by rate code)
  • Available key performance indicators:
    • Room Revenue
    • Average daily rate (ADR)
    • Occupancy (Occ)
    • Revenue Per Available Room (RevPAR)

Apaleo x Hotellistat

The Apaleo connection provides the ability to display the hotel's PMS data like pickup and OTB values, as well as pricing management. Visually set prices directly in the rate overview chart and push them straight back to Apaleo and the OTAs or fully automate your price management by using Hotellistat and focus on other tasks.

Customer Success Story: https://apaleo.com/customer-stories/hotel-groups-chains/lindemann-hotels-apaleo