IDeaS lives and breathes the ongoing success of their 22,000+ clients worldwide. In fact, 99% of hotels they have ever worked with are still their clients today. IDeaS knows and understands your challenges and provides a seamless delivery of tailored solutions. From their hotel-industry vets to their data scientists, they lead every initiative with a client-centric approach to provide services and support you can count on.

IDeaS Partner Programs comprise a global network of more than 236 system integrators, channel partners and academic and industry experts, all partnering with IDeaS to push the boundaries of what’s possible in revenue automation.


  • Import IDeaS data for display in Hotellistat
  • Export Rate Shopping data for the rate feed into IDeaS

IDEAS x Hotellistat:

Send your Hotellistat rate shopping data to IDEAS. Import IDEAS recommendations and data and display the relevant information in your rate shopper and Hotellistat modules.